Anyone 50+ years old is encouraged to JOIN.

All you need is the love of music, dance,
or dramatics and the desire to do some good
for the community.

{ 1 }

Contact the Project Joy office, discuss your
interest with us and let us help you
determine your placement in a
particular group. If you want to have
your own entertaining group
we will schedule an audition time.

{ 2 }

Contact Project Joy office through one
of the following methods:

• Call the office between the hours of 8:00 am to noon,
Monday through Friday
to speak to the staff assistant or director.
(509) 535-0584
• Call the office anytime and leave a message.
(509) 535-0584
• Fax the office at
(509) 535-5203
• E-mail the office anytime at